TEAM Services Medical Transportation provides high quality, non-emergency medical transportation, such as doctor appointments, hospital discharges, physical therapy appointments, and much more.  We utilize our clean and modern wheelchair accessible vans and minivans to make your life easier.

Request TEAM Services Medical Transportation for all your non-emergency medical transportation needs when communicating with Medical Answering Services (MAS), KALOS, or Nascentia. If you have any issues or problems, or are utilizing other insurances or are self pay, call us 661-1562 or 640-8719 and we will assist you.

TEAM Services Medical Transportation serves Jamestown, Chautauqua County New York and Erie & Warren Counties in Pennsylvania. Use the contact form below to request your medical transportation appointment.

What do our customers say about Team Services Medical Transportation?

“I cannot tell you how happy and grateful I am, on a scale of 1-10,000, you get a million!”

“I always ask for TEAM Services medical transportation because of the great service and care I get.”

“TEAM Services drivers are always kind and courteous.”

“I like the TEAM Services drivers and I like that they stay on site for my appointment.”

“Safety is always first.  The people at TEAM Services Medical Transportation are like my family, I love them all.”


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